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When summer temperatures start to rise on Colorado’s Front Range, it’s time to turn on your air conditioner on. If your air conditioner is not cooling your home as expected, not running at all or just needs a late Spring tuneup, we can help. Our air conditioning service department is equipped to respond to any AC repair problem, regardless of who installed your system. From the simplest repairs, to the most complex replacement, we have the necessary resources to meet your needs. We only employ fully trained and qualified air conditioning repair technicians to work on your air conditioner. We service all major air conditioning brands, and have been providing exceptional, professional air conditioning repair and installation services to Colorado Front Range residents since 1982!

Don’t know if your AC unit needs repair or maintenance work? Read the following list of the most common air conditioning issues below:

Air conditioner doesn’t run: There are many reasons why an air conditioning unit may not turn on. A common problem is a lack of power to the unit. Air conditioners are on a separate breaker, and are often turned off at the beginning of the heating season. Many areas require a breaker closer to the outdoor unit. If the unit is located in one of these areas and the main breaker is open, then this is the next thing to check.

Frequent cycling: An air conditioner that cycles frequently may be too big for the space it is cooling. An oversized unit cools the air in the house quickly and causes the thermostat to turn the air conditioner off quickly. Another possible cause of this problem is that the thermostat is being cooled directly by an air conditioning vent and is determining that the air has been cooled prematurely.

Air conditioner is not cooling: When an air conditioner isn’t effectively cooling a home, either the air conditioner unit is too big to be effective, or it is struggling to cool the house completely due to extremely warm temperatures outside. If the weather outside is extremely hot, the air conditioner simply may not cycle the air enough to cool it adequately before delivering it into the house.

Outside unit is constantly running: An A/C system is a heat pump which means it removes heat at a certain rate. The hotter outside, the longer it will run. MESA will come to your home to do an analysis on your system to help it run more efficiently in hot temperatures.

There’s ice around the inside unit: You should never have ice forming anywhere on your air conditioning unit or it’s refrigerant line set (copper pipe or tubes) as this is an indication of an improperly charged air conditioning system. This is usually a symptom of a low refrigerant charge but also can be attributed to a possible clog in the refrigerant line set. Either way this requires immediate attention and repair or damage to your system could be the result.

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Repairs come in all shapes and sizes, with all levels of urgency. For MESA, our top priority is to ensure a problem is diagnosed, and resolved, and we will never consider our work finished until both we and, more important, you, the customer, are 100% satisfied. We approach every project with our special brand of highly trained and innovative problem-solving skill, allowing us the ability and confidence to handle any job, emergency or otherwise, with equal expertise.

If your air conditioner needs professional repair, maintenance or installation work done by a licensed, certified HVAC technician we can help! Please call (303) 494-6505, fill out our service request form or enroll in our plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance program today.

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