Radiant Floor Heating System Installation and Repair

There is nothing quite like radiant floor heating. It has been in use for 1000’s of years! Radiant floor heating provides homeowners unsurpassed comfort and unmatched energy efficiency, and has become the single fastest growing segment in the heating industry. When you install a radiant heating system, the entire floor’s surface area essentially becomes a low temperature radiator. People and objects making contact with the floor are warmed directly by these in-floor heating systems. In addition, the floor acts as a radiator by warming all the surfaces in that room, which eliminates roughly 80% of a person’s body heat loss.

The following are some of the many benefits of radiant floor heating:

  • Comfort: Radiant floor heat concentrates the heat near the floor to warm your family where you live versus the air above you.
  • Efficiency: Radiant floor heating efficiently delivers heat allowing lower temperature settings that provide 20-40% energy savings over forced air systems.
  • Air Quality: Because radiant floor heating does not rely on circulating air, dust particles do not readily spread throughout the house.
  • Noise: Radiant floor heating is virtually silent!
  • Space & Energy Efficiency: Radiant heating systems are built under the floor, in contrast to bulky radiators or baseboard heating systems. Our professional installers will install and fine-tune your new heating system to operate at maximum efficiency in delivering a higher standard of comfort and energy savings.

Why choose MESA?

  • Licensed, Experienced HVAC Technicians: All MESA HVAC Service techs are licensed and many of them have more than a decade of hands-on experience. We get the job done right the first time!
  • 2 Year Guarantee: We offer a 2 year guarantee on all work done and will repair your radiant flooring system free of charge during that period if any issues arise from our repair or installation work
  • Installation: We have installed radiant heating systems under tile, wood, concrete and carpet in homes throughout Colorado’s Front Range. We can install radiant heating systems in one room, one floor or throughout your entire home!
  • Thermostats: We offer a wide variety of room thermostats for these systems including the latest digital and digital programmable models.
  • Repair: We offer complete diagnostic services including finding and repairing breaks without tearing up your floors and leaving an unsightly mess. In fact, when were done, you’ll be hard pressed to identify the area of the repair!
  • Emergency Service: Have a heating emergency? We offer emergency heating repair services at anytime of the day or night!

If your home’s radiant heating system needs professional repair, maintenance or installation work done by a licensed, certified HVAC technician we can help! Please call (303) 494-6505, fill out our service request form or enroll in our plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance program today.

Thank you for choosing MESA Plumbing, Heating and Cooling!

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