Sewer Line Repair & Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Clogged and leaking sewer lines can be a messy, inconvenient problem that requires fast, professional service to keep the problem from getting worse. It is important to have a plumbing company you can trust to quickly fix these issues. Sewer line replacements and repairs can be daunting and potentially very costly if your plumbing company lacks the adequate experience and expertise in identifying the location and severity of the problem and what the recommended options are for resolving those issues. Our licensed plumbing contractors offer decades of experience in sewer line replacements and repairs in providing professional, cost-effective service and solutions for sewer line problems. Have a burst pipe or sewer line emergency? We offer emergency sewer line repair services at anytime of the day or night!

What causes sewer line back-ups, drainage issues, and cracked lines? There are a number of different reasons, however, the most common problem is root infiltration. Roots enter from the joint and grow to fill up and cause damage to your main sewer line. Roots in your sewer line can also block debris coming from the home to the main city sewer line resulting in pipe pressure and eventually a cracked or burst pipe. Debris such as paper products, grease build-up, and foreign objects can also prohibit the proper water flow, resulting in blockage. Pipes may also become damaged due to freezing ground and shifting soil by cracking, breaking and collapsing. Basic pipe deterioration may also play a role in the necessary repair or replacement of your water and sewer line.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

We know the time and money you’ve put into your beautiful yard. MESA specializes in pipe bursting which avoids the costly and aesthetically unappealing trenching of your yard. Why dig up your yard if you don’t have to? Thanks to new advances in sewer pipe repair technology, you can replace or repair your sewer line without the nightmare of destroying your yard, walkway, porch, garage, or driveway.There are two types of trenchelss sewer line repair and replacement technologies that we use, they are:

Sewer Pipe Relining: This process involves blowing in a new seamless liner the entire length of your old sewer line from one small access point with a special machine that uses air pressure. The new liner is first saturated with a special mixture of epoxy resin. Once the new sewer liner is in place, a bladder is then inserted the entire length of the new liner and expanded with high pressure steam that perfectly molds the new liner inside the old sewer line. The liner is super strong new sewer line that is stronger than the original pipe and rated to last over 50 years.

Sewer Pipe Bursting: The technology requires very little digging. Two small access holes are dug at each end of the existing sewer line. A cable is inserted at one end and fed through the existing sewer pipe to the other end and attached to the front of a cone shaped tool called a bursting head. The bursting head is securely fastened to a brand new high-grade polyethylene sewer pipe. Using a very powerful hydraulic winch, the bursting head is pulled through the existing sewer line easily breaking it up while towing the new pipe in behind it. The result is a brand new seamless sewer line that is highly resistant to root intrusion, water infiltration and rated to last for 50+ years.

If your sewer line needs professional repair, maintenance or installation work done by a licensed, certified plumber we can help! Please call (303) 494-6505, fill out our service request form or enroll in our plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance program today.

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