Concrete Slab Repair Services

Boulder’s Slab Leak Detection and Concrete Slab Repair Specialists For Over 35 years!

If you have hot areas on your floor, wet spots, high gas and water bills or hear water running you may have what is known as a slab leak, or a hole in one of the copper water lines running below your concrete foundation. We currently offer the following slab leak detection, repair and re-route services:

Slab Leak Detection: We utilize acoustic and line tracing equipment for slab leak detection in Boulder. We will work to locate and isolate the leaking line and prepare it for either epoxy restoration or a re-route. 

Single Line or Whole Home Epoxy for Slab Leak Repair: This is an alternative to re-piping, which avoids costly home demolition. If your home is eligible for epoxy restoration we can save you the mess of a re-pipe and keep your home dry.

Waterline Re-Routes: A re-route could be the best solution for your Boulder home’s slab leak. In some cases, the leaking line is too damaged for the epoxy option. For this situation, we will execute a re-route and ensure that your home is left as we found it with drywall and painting repairs covered as a part of the project.

If your home’s concrete slab needs professional leak detection, repair, maintenance or installation work done by a licensed, certified plumber we can help! Please call (303) 494-6505, fill out our service request form or enroll in our plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance program today.

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